Belgacom BBox 2

Note: I have been made aware that recent updates to the BBox-2 firmware have removed the web interface for most of these functions. Also, the administration password  is now different on each BBox-2 . It is the 15 characters alphanumeric  serial number you will find on the back of the modem.
These pages are mostly kept here for historical reasons. Please keep this in mind while reading the posts.

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  1. Hi Patrick,

    For a couple of years I have been following your blog and happily using my Fritz 7390 behind a BBox in bridging mode – with the Fritz making its own PPPoE connection to the Internet. This was fine until the VDSL vectoring roll-out – when my old BBox (well F@ast) I am on scarlet gave up and was throttled. I thought this may have been as I have the VLAN20 switched off (for their upgrades) – so speaking with support – I reset it to factory mode – no upgrade, no end to the throttle. In the end, scarlet came with a shiny new bbox2 with newer firmware and this connects fine 50Mbps itself BUT when I try to connect directly with the Fritz – the connection is fine for VoIP and works fine with a VPN but ordinary packets seem to have been throttled to death.

    Has anyone else seen this? I am imagining it – or is Belgacom now throttling connections not made directly via the bbox even though the VDSL connection is made by an approved device – is this even possible?

    Or perhaps there is another explanation….

    Any light anyone can throw on this would be helpful; of course I can connect the Fritzbox to the internet connected Bbox – but then I have to struggle to get the VoIP to work (I have never managed to do this reliably) and am left at themercy of Belgacom’s idea of security.

    Many Thanks


    • Patrick Vande Walle

      Indeed, this is a well-known issue. Proximus now only allows a limited number of modems to connect to their VDSL2 network. The list is limited to their BBox-2, BBox-3 and their Sagem variants and the AVM Fritz!Box 7360 and 7490 with a Proximus-certified firmware.

      IMHO, this is less a technical than a commercial issue. Anyway, you have several options:
      either buy a second-hand BBox-2 for a few Euros, buy a new BBox-3 or invest in a new Fritz!Box 7360 or 7490. See my review of the Fritz!Box 7490.

      • Thanks for the quick reply. Sorry just some clarification on “connect”. I thought that the “connection” that Belgacom tested was the VDSL handshake and establishment of the raw ethernet connection on the modem (not sure if this is the correct term) – and I could still connect my 7390 behind the BBox with the 7390 making its own PPPoE connection (as indeed I had been doing for ages). Just trying to establish if this has changed …

        • Patrick Vande Walle

          Indeed, Proximus checks the modem brand and type during the handshake, not at the PPPoE level. As I said, you could replace your broken BBox-2 with another one and place your 7390 behind it as you did before.

          • But this is what I am doing!
            Fritz makes (successfull) PPPoE connection via BBox – BUT connection is throttled for the FritzBox PPPoE connection but not for PPPoE from the BBox. Perhaps I have just made a mess of the configuration – but with VPN packets and VoIP working fine – I am not sure what I could have done wrong…

        • Patrick Vande Walle

          Sorry I misunderstood your first post, where you mentioned you connected directly with the Fritz. I assumed you connected the Fritz directly to the VDSL line.
          Back to your issue, there is no way for Proximus to know if the PPPoE connection is made from an approved router or not. If your VPN works fine and not the plain connection, I would look for a DNS resolution issue. You could test this with Google Namebench

          • Thanks again Patrick. I have investigated the DNS issue – but it all seems to be working fine; resolution could be a little quicker – but this is not what is causing the hopelessly slow speeds. Pinging works fine too. If nobody else is having this issue – then I guess it must be something I am doing wrong. Unsurprisingly – Scarlet support do not want to help (and I do not find this too unreasonable) but they also would/could not answer the question as to whether there could be an issues making one’s own PPPoE connections behind their router. I think I will ask avm if they have any insights – otherwise my choices seem to be to buy a 7490 or to connect the Fritz onto the SAGEM LAN and try and configure the SAGEM box so it does not maul my VoIP traffic…
            Thanks again for your help and excellent blog. BTW the user interface on my BBox 2 has not changed and I still have access to all the configuration options – even with a VDSL vectoring firmware release – but of course there may be other releases that do disable these.

  2. Dear Patrick,
    maybe you are the only one who could help me. I have a bbox 2 and I would like to open ports. I made the configuration of several ports put from 37 opened port only 1 is working and is really open (checked via – Open Port Check Tool). Do you have any idear what could be the issue?

    I am so upsat about the system in belgium.

  3. Hi, I discover your discussion as I am reconfiguring my bbox2 and browsing for answer to the following question : I see under ‘system’ in the admin portal that there are 2 accounts by default
    1 is “admin”, fine
    1 is “user” (with ordinary permissions). I do not have a password for this one and wanted to delete the account or at least change password for more security. I guess the permissions for “users” are not critical but I find no info on this. Thanks for your help on best way to deal with this !

  4. hi,

    thank you for all these precious informations.
    Just one question about the static DNS entries in the BBOX2.
    I tried to add the static dns entry
    server_internal_ip hostname to the BBOX2 config.
    This seem to be saved in the BBOX
    But when I’m pinging the hostname from a station inside the LAN it still ping the External address instead of the internal one.
    do you have an idea of the pb ?

  5. Hello, nice tutos on this website! Very usefull!!
    First of all, sorry for my bad English, because i speak French. Never mind, my problem is i recently bought a Synology to use with Cloudstation (a dropbox like system by Synology). I have a DynDns domain name in my Syno where i can access everywhere in the world BUT when i’m in my LAN network, i can’t access using this domain name.. And with the Cloudstation System, i need to use the domain name but not the local ip.. Is there a way to fix the problem in the bbox2? Thank you very much!!

  6. Hi Patrick.
    I appreciated your guidance on changing the b-box 2 configuration into bridge mode. It worked fine, at least for a couple of hours. Then the b-box went back to its original setting. After repeating the chang, the bridge mode setting styled for a week before flipping back and had to be configured anew. It is as if the WAN PPPoE cannot stay disabled for very long. Why is that, and what can be done about it? I am using an Apple AirportnExtreme as wireless router.

    • I have given up the BBox-2, due to the issues you mention, among other things. I am now using an AVM Fritz!Box, which does everything a BBox-2 + home router does, and more.
      Belgacom has the habit of upgrading their firmware in an unannounced, undocumented way. This may have reset the BBox. One workaround would be to prevent the BBOX from upgrading itself by disabling the update channel (VLAN20).This may, however, have drawbacks when Belgacom begins to deploy vectoring on its network.

  7. Hello,

    i have the following :

    Firmware-VTU-R: Time Oct 1 2009, 14:04:47
    Runtime version :60R10A-60A06W
    It seems i can’t login with admin user nether with old password neither with serial number.

    Would you have any idea?



    Het wachtwoord voor de telnet client is je serienummer, gebruiker blijft gewoon admin.


  9. Hi Patrick,

    I landed on your site by searching for DDNS with the BBox2.
    Somehow I cannot reach the DDNS settings through the webinterface anymore with the javascript link eventhough I have configured it that way before the new firmware was installed.
    Any idea what might be the reason?


    • Yes. Apparently, Belgacom has removed the web interface to do that (and other things). One reason might be that DynDNS is not a free service anymore. The BBos-2 firmware does not support other dynamic DNS providers.
      If you have a DynDNS account, you might try to configure it through the telnet interface, as detailed in this post. There is no guarantee, though.

      • Isn’t it possible that the pagenumbers have changed again since they have done this before.
        I saw your guide on accessing the ddns settings through telnet and will give that a try with no-ip.

        Thanks anyway and quite a CEO you have there!


      • IK heb hier een BBox met Firmware-VTU-R: Time Jan 10 2014, 22:12:04 en in de telnet interface is er een variabele bijgekomen: ddns/provider. Die staat standaard op Dyndns maar kan gewijzigd worden dmv rg_conf set ddns/provider (uwprovider).

  10. Hi Patrick.

    Excellent info. One thing what do you mean by “blocked” exactly ? I have a client with a BBOX and on a regular basis cannot use the internet via wifi although have not tested the cable connection. Problem is the PC can see the BBOX but upon connection obtains a 169 IP address ( windows default ). Usual fix here is to reboot the BBOX and after it is ok. Client does tell me though that TV connection via cable works normally.

    Do you know if this is isolated to certain model BBOX ? Wondering if Belgacom have addressed this problem and released a new version of firmware or software update for the BBOX to address the problem. Are you aware of anything ?

    • Indeed, if you get a 169 address, that means your computer did not receive an IP address through DHCP. Why it did not is difficult to say outright.

      I have not heard of any specific issues with the DHCP server in the BBox. A few things you could test: does it happen with only that one computer or also with others ? Does it happen when you use a cable, rather than WIFI ? If not, try resetting the configuration of the WIFI stack on your computer.

      Another thing you could try is to assign a fixed IP address to your computer through DHCP. See for guidance.

      • Hi Patrick,

        Thx for the reply.

        It’s occurred with multiple computers. I’ve tested with the client and mine, both get the same problem. It connects to the BBOX and attempts binding but then has limited connectivity. If I check with an ‘ipconfig /all’ I see the connection but with a 169 address.

        Oddly as the TV connection is working fine and that goes through the same BBOX and via the xDSL connection to the outside world the assumption is that externally all is ok. Lights on the BBOX as the usual ‘@’, wifi signal, port 3 ( TV connection ) and finally the DSL. After a reboot the problem goes away but occurs again, last time was within 2 weeks.

        If it happens again I’ll test with a cable, to try an narrow down the route cause. I’ll take a look at the configuration but the assumption is it’s default.


  11. Problem I have with the bbox is the range of the WIFI. I used to have an old philips wifi modem, and this worked perfect. Wireless network access everywhere, even in my backyard. Now with the bbox: only a range of 5m, no access in the garden or upstairs in the bedroom. Can this be extended? ( tried switching the channels, but this did not work )

    • @Kris
      The antenna is internal, so there is no way to extend the range with the BBox. You could try using a WIFI repeater. Or you could connect your BBox in bridge mode, deactivate WIFI on it and use the Philips as a plain router with WIFI, assuming the Philips allows you to do that.

      • @Patrick
        I have the same problem as kris and tried to use a Cisco Linksys WRT54GL router. I managed to add the Cisco to the Sagem modem but configuring my Sagem F@st 3464 turns out a little bit to difficult, you’re talking about bridge mode this is where I’m loosing you. Can you elaborate a little bit on this?


      • Hi Patrick, a lot of very useful information on this site.
        I am also a Belgacom customer, still using the Bbox2.
        Recently I have purchased a marantz home cinema receiver, which needs an Ethernet cable to access my local network.
        As my bbox is located in a totally different area than the receiver, I would like to use a repeater, place it next to the receiver, then use a cable.
        I was looking at the Netgear WN2000RPT.

        Do you know if this is going to work with the Bbox2?

        Thanks in advance for your help,

        • @hypno

          I have not tried it but, according to the specs of the Netgear box, it should work. Be aware that the BBox-2 does not have a very large or strong WIFI coverage, due to its internal antenna. The effective speed you experience might be limited.

          • Thanks a lot for the fast reply.
            I will order it today and will let you know in the coming days if I managed to make it work.
            I realize I was not very clear in my previous message – I do live in an apartment so the bbox2 is on the main hallway, while my home cinema receiver is in the living room. We are talking about 10 meters, but I would really like to avoid the cable – that’s what I need the repeater for…
            Anyway, like I said, will try it and update this thread in a couple of days…

          • UPDATE : worked like a charm, I just had to plug it in, put in the SSID and plug in my marantz.

  12. Hello,

    We have a problem since we switched to VDSL, the BBox gets blocked and we have to restart it every day.
    Anybody any idea how to get this problem solved?

    Many tghanks.

    • @Mati

      The most common reason that the BBox appears “blocked” is that it does not clean outgoing connections from its routing table when the connections are closed. This leads to the table being full, and not accepting new connections. In effect, by restarting the modem, you clean the table.

      See this blog post on how to fix that:

      To connect to the BBox in telnet mode, type

      user is “admin”
      password is “BGCVDSL2”
      (without the quotes)

      This is all can remember from memory. I have since replaced the BBox by another modem, so I cannot test anymore.

  13. EDPnet’s Sagem F@st 3464 (Belgium) | - pingback on 1 July 2010 at 17:06

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