Configuring the BBox-2 in bridge mode

[This page is outdated. See this post for information ]

For completeness, and because someone asked me, here is the way to configure the BBox-2 to be used as a dumb modem, with a router behind it. It is certainly nothing I found out myself. Credits to original posters are below.

  1. Connect to your BBox-2 through your browser.
  2. Go to Advanced Settings and then select Network Interfaces
  3. Select Wan PPPoE, then Disable, and then OK
  4. Then, Settings > Underlying Connection, select Lan Bridge

Step 4 is optional.  You have two options here.

  1. If you perform step 4, your BBox becomes a dumb modem. LAN1 becomes a raw ethernet socket. Your router establishes the PPoE session.  The side effect is that the BBox loses its local IP address. You will no more be able to access it through the LAN. If you want to disable WIFI, do it before performing step 4.  Your router should be connected to the LAN1 port on the BBox.
  2. If you do not perform step 4, you BBox does not establish the PPoE session (i.e. the outgoing Internet connection) but remains active on the local LAN. It keeps its local IP address, keeps WIFI and DHCP active, etc.  In that case, review the settings so they do not conflict with the ones from your router. For example, you may wish to avoid having two DHCP servers on the LAN.  Just disable DHCP on the BBox.  You also do not want the router and the BBox to have the same IP address.

Option 2 is the most flexible, but you should know what you are doing and adjust the settings both on the BBox and the router so they don’t conflict.

One of the things to try out would be to set up two WLANs, one through the router and one through the BBox. One WLAN could be the one for your family. The other could be one for your visitors at your home. In this case, you would not be forced to give the password for the family WLAN to your visitors. Routing and firewall rules could be set up to have more restrictive rules on your “public” WIFI than on the family one.  That will keep you busy on a rainy Sunday.


How to Bridge the Lan ports of your Belgacom BBox2

Configurer la BBox2 (SAGEM F@st3464) en bridge

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and lots of others through Google

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  1. Hi, I bought a shiny asus router, ac67 or 86 or something. I was wondering, would the telephony be affected by these actions? I have scarlet, and scarlet voip in the bbox2. and the regular phone line also provided by scarlet so the bbox2 settings in telephony – do they require that the bbox2 makes the internet connection?

    In general – what is the adventage of setting the bbox as a dumb modem? The reason I bought teh asus router was because through ethernet I was getting 7mb/s dl speeds, while through wireless(I tried 7 different wifi adapters, at close range) I would get maximum 1.4mb/s(I figured the wireless adapter in the bbox was fucked).

    So, right now I set up the asus router as an access point, which is nice, and resolves it all – but I wonder – would it be advantageous to make the asus “primary” while the bbox “slave”(dumb modem)? In terms of performance.

    Sorry for the lengthy post.


  2. Gordon James

    Am also doing basic research, but on a B-Box 3 (have taken this as a freebie, to see if adequately replaces my old US Robotics modem/router/wifi). But the web interface to manage the B-Box 3 offers very little functionality; for example I want to redefine the LAN ports since only want internet and not tv …… Any ideas?

  3. Hi Michael,

    I’m glad to hear it worked for you 🙂

    Hi Patrick,

    I finally found my mistake. I had to remove the VLAN 10 from my connection settings. It was set because I previously used the fritzbox for a direct VDSL2 connection without the Sagem modem. After removing this it worked properly 🙂

    Best regards,

  4. michael zouridakis

    Hello Andreas,
    THANK YOU very much for the advice.
    Yes indeed I disabled the DHCP on the bbox2 and YES indeed it WORKED like a charm after following your advice.
    It took my a while to understand that I had to set a static address on the PC itself. I was assigning a static address from the router to the PC but obviously this didn’t prevent it from requesting a dynamic address from the modem when I was trying to connect to it. So I had to stop and think for a while to REALLY understand what you were telling me!
    Once again, thank you VERY MUCH.
    Best regards

  5. Hi, I think this article will quickly become up-to-date again. My ISP Edpnet informed me on Friday (31/01) that the VDSL2 modem I currently use (Fritz!Box 7390) isn’t allowed by Belgacom when they introduce vectoring in February. As I don’t want to see my connection speeds dropped to 7Mbps/512kbps I’ll try to configure my (fallback solution) Sagem F@st 3464 in bridge mode and put my fritzbox behind it. But when I tried this yesterday I got “PPPoE timeouts” on my fritzbox, so I’d be interested to know if someone else succeeded this with the 7390. I added the vlan 10 changes to the /var/flash/ar7.cfg file as suggested in some articles on the net but it didn’t work neither…

    @michael: You probably disabled DHCP on the bbox2 for bridge mode so you have to set temporarily a static ip address on your pc to access the bbox2 on an Ethernet port. This worked on my Sagem yesterday so perhaps it’s the same issue.

    Best regards,

  6. michael zouridakis

    Dear Patrick,
    Thank you this great resource.
    I installed an asus rt-ac66u behind my bbox2, turned the bbox2 into a dumb modem and everything works great.
    As a consequence the bbox2 is no longer visible.
    Is there any way ….to see it again?
    I did assign it an explicit IP last thing before it vanished (for ever???).
    I tried an ethernet cable directly into it but no luck.
    Many thanks
    Best regards

  7. Hi Patrick,
    Thx for this great post!

    I have 2 questions:
    If I perform step 4 and my Router becomes a modem:
    – Does this has an impact on my LAN TV Ports?
    – How can I get access to the maintenance page via the browser, when the router loses his local IP address?

    Kind regards,

    • @Frederik,

      There is no impact on the TV part of the BBox and its two LAN ports.

      As mentioned, if you perform step 4, you lose the connectivity to the BBox, and thus to its interface.If you wish to keep it, I suggest you assign a different IP address (eg to the new router, in order not to conflict with the BBox. Be sure to verify that all devices are on the same IP subnet (192.168.1.x), and that there is only one DHCP server active on your network, either the one of the BBox or the one of your new router.

  8. Hello,

    may somebody can help me on the following question:
    I have a b-box2 from belgacom but since beginning i can’t
    see the telephone number of incomming calls.
    can somebody help me on this ?

    Thanks and regards

  9. Hi PAtrick,

    I’m trying to configure the Bbox as VoIP gateway on the LAN (fwding to another LAN router connected to internet)
    I disabled WAN, added a fixed IP on the br0 interface, but have issues finding the correct config for a default route.
    I added some manual routes to server IP, went under the Phone settings, changed interface to br0 instead of eth0a1, added the IP of sip.freecall.Com, udp 5060, but I can’t see any hit on the Router from the Bbox2 to this external IP.
    What do I do wrong ? 🙂

  10. Hello I desperately need your help!

    Been using a Mac Mini Server running OSX Mountain Lion Server for several months with no problems. Belgacom decided to upgrade the line to VDSL2 and installed a BBOX2 and since then I have no external access to the server.

    I’m afraid I tried your suggestion and it didn’t work, I tried all sorts or routing and allowing various different ports but nothing works. I am almost about to give up, can you help?

    I have a feeling this is related to the bridging but cannot resolve.

    Thank you very much!!!


  11. Richard Mouli

    Hello Patrick,

    I found your site as I was looking for information on how to setup a SAGEM F@st 3464 router from Scarlet for Internet. Your tricks were very helpful ❗

    I am now very close to have the setup I wanted. I still need to check if it is possible to update the IP directly from the (hidden) web setup page for dynamic DNS on my freedns account. Anyway I can eventually use their dedicated client.

    However I identified a problem: it appears that the DNS service from the SAGEM router is not working: when I run the “host” or “dig” command from within my LAN network, it reports an error (“Host not found”) even if the hostname is correctly reported on the DHCP connections list of the router web page. Do you have any idea what can be the cause ❓

    Many thanks for your site 😛
    Hopping we can be in touch.

    Richard Mouli (real name 😉 ).

  12. Hello ! I’m a newbee but : is it possible to route/bridge the connection on the WLAN port instead of the LAN1 port ? I would like to access my wifi (BBox in the garage…) by a Netgear DGN2200 (with Wireless Repeating Function ?) on the LAN port of my PC – because I’m in troubles with wifi dongles.

    Bonjour ! J’ai peu d’expérience mais : est-il possible de faire passer la connexion via le port wifi et non le port LAN ? J’aimerais accéder à mon réseau wifi (la BBox est dans le garage) via un modem/routeur Netgear DGN2200 (avec Wireless Repeating Function ?) sur le port LAN de mon ordinateur – parce que je n’ai jamais eu de chance avec les clefs wifi.

    Merci d’avance.

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