Change the DHCP settings

This trick was included in the comments of a blog post

How to change the DHCP server start_ip. This is how to do it  with a telnet session.

rg_conf_print dev/br0/dhcps/start_ip (start_ip(
rg_conf_set dev/br0/dhcps/start_ip
rg_conf_print dev/br0/dhcps/start_ip (start_ip(

Alternatively, you can change the DHCP settings through the web interface.

Go to “Network interfaces” and click “Lan Bridge” . Further down on the page, click on “IP Address Distribution”. On the next screen, click on the “Action” icon, at the right side of the Lan Bridge entry.

There you are.  Change the settings, if you know what you are doing of course.

  1. Is it possible to add a static address using telnet?

  2. No you can not change the range free a lot
    the tv decoder is smak in the middel *.*.*64/65/66

  3. the fixed range 63 comes from
    javascript:mimic_button(‘goto: 9034..’) edit STB

    sets ip addess based on device ident (sorry if double,screen went blank)

  4. The 63 limit comes from
    javascript:mimic_button(‘goto: 9034..’)
    edit stb it throws ip address 64/65/66…
    at anything named IPTV,SAIPP, i3 micro STB

  5. Hi,

    is it possible to define the PXE option in the DHCP?

  6. I have a post on the belgacom forum for this.
    The bug seems in the GUI, because via telnet I can change it.

    “DHCP Server:DHCP IP end is not in the subnet or not autorized”

    VDSL Version Firmware-VTU-R: Time Oct 1 2009, 14:04:47

    Serial Num LK10019DP180289

  7. Do you know if it’s possible to change the END IP Address in the DHCP?
    By the interface, 63 is a limitation?
    I would like start at 100 and stop at 150

    Tx in advance


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