Daily reset of the IP address

[This page is outdated. See this post for information ]

The BBOX 2 receives an IP address through DHCP with a 36 hours lease time. Every 36 hours, the PPoE session is thus restarted. This also means this will happen in the middle of the active part of the day every 3 days.  The best way to avoid this is to restart the PPPoE session every 24 hours, at a time you don’t use the Internet.

First to do is to set up a scheduler rule. Connect to the web interface as usual and then paste the following in the browser bar:

javascript:mimic_button('goto: 1410..')

Create a new entry, with the name you want, and select”rule will be inactive at the scheduled time”, Click on “New Time Segment Entry”, select all days, then “New Hours Range Entry”, start time: “06h00”, end time: “06h05” (This would be at 6:00 am UTC, ie 4 am summer time ).

Once the scheduler rule is created, proceed to  “network interfaces”, “WAN PPPoE”, “settings”. Under “Schedule”, select the rule you have just created from the drop-down box, and click “Apply”.

Update 5 November 2012:  It seems the latest firmware versions do not provide the GUI described above anymore.
It may be possible to still add the feature through the telnet interface. However, you are on your own, as I do not use the BBox-2 anymore. FWIW, I found the following in the configuration of my BBox, that defines the rule:

      (description(reset PPoE))

The ‘21600’ figure is for a reset at 6am (21600 seconds since midnight).
The rule needs then to be assigned to the PPoE interface, like so:

      (description(WAN PPPoE))
      (rule_owner(WAN PPPoE))

I hope this helps you investigate the matter further.

  1. With the new firmware, this ‘goto’ method doesn’t work anymore… 🙁
    Any other way to get to those hidden menu’s again?


    • Judging from a forum post, it seems indeed that this feature was removed from the latest firmware release(s).

      I suspect that only the GUI interface has been removed, not the functionality itself. It may still be possible to access it via telnet, using the rg_conf commands. See an example of such use here (Usual disclaimers apply).Try “help rg_conf” in the telnet session to get the syntax.

      However, I do not use the BBox-2 anymore. Hence, I cannot provide a working example.

  2. How do you know the time format of the schedule is in UTC and could it be possible that your formatting isn’t correct? Belgium is in timezone UTC/GMT + 1 and in the summer it becomes UTC/GMT + 2. So if you want the schedule to run at 4am, you have to set it at 02:00.
    Also, under the WAN PPPoE settings the default schedule is set to run always. Why is this? Why not just a schedule set to run at a specific time every 36 hours?
    Thank you for any help.

    • The daylight savings time is not that important. The main idea is that this reconnection happens when you are not using the Internet. For me, this doing the night. Now, if this happens at 3 or 4am, I do not really care..

      The job is set to run “always”, which means every day at the specified time. Every 24 hours at 4am .
      Running the reconnection job every 36 hours is exactly what you want to avoid. That would mean, for example, today at 5 am and tomorrow at 5 pm. If you are using your connection at 5 pm, this is annoying.

  3. I tried using this both suggestions with no success. Is there another way to do this?

  4. This above-described solution did not work for me. I actually had to put rule is active between 01:05 and 01:02 (and the BBOX 2 is clever enough to know I mean 01:02 “the next day”).
    And then it works !

    Thanks anyway for the good tip !

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