Dynamic DNS

[This page is outdated. See this post for information ]

Note: DynDNS is no more a free service. The BBox-2 does not support other dynamic DNS services.

It is still possible to configure the dynamic DNS through the web interface with the new firmware release. Connect to the web interface as usual and then paste the following line in the browser bar and press “enter”:

javascript:mimic_button('goto: 9037..')

If you have an older version of the firmware, that would be 9035 instead of 9037

In a telnet session, that would be

rg_conf_set ddns/username           (your dyndns username)
rg_conf_set_obscure ddns/password   (your dyndns password)
rg_conf_set ddns/hostname           (your dyndns hostname)
rg_conf_set ddns/device             ppp0

To see which entries are already configured, use the command:

rg_conf_print ddns

The update of your dyndns entry will happenthe next time the IP address of the Box is changed by Belgacom’s DHCP. This happens every 36 hours by default. If you wish to change it immediately, you would need to take the connection down and then up again. The easiest way is to use the GUI interface. On the main screen, under the VLAN 10 entry, click “Disconnect”, wait a few seconds, and then click “Connect”.  Do not perform this remotely from the Internet, otherwise you will not be able to reconnect after you have been disconnected !


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