ICANN again bound to USG for another 3 years

Nobody ever though the DoC would give up its control on ICANN. For 8 years now, it keeps repeating that the goal is to transition the technical coordination to the private sector. For 8 years, we have been waiting. We will have to wait another 3 years, at a minimum.

This time again the DoC “reaffirms its policy goal of transitioning the technical coordination of the DNS to the private sector”, while at the same time renewing its MoU with ICANN, with no firm commitment it will one day stop interfering in the technical coordination of a worldwide resource.

ICANN is optimistic about the new agreement. They present it as a victory, although they have to add that “The DOC will simply meet with senior ICANN staff from time to time”. As they did for the .XXX case ? As you will notice, the DoC will be meeting ICANN staff, not ICANN board. It is certainly much easier to exercise influence and control through undercover relations with staff rather than open, documented exchanges with the board.

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