Euralo selects first board and ALAC representatives

The European Regional At-Large organization (Euralo for short) has selected its first board and ALAC representatives.

I share Thomas Roessler‘s disappointment on the process. The goal of some was clearly to exclude people based on their affiliation. The tactic was to nominate newcomers from outside the European ICANN community, of course not telling them which game they were playing in. Added to that was the politically correct concept of “diversity”. This means in this case  discriminating in favour of women and Eastern Europe. It thus also means discriminating against males and Western Europe. I frankly thought that discrimination based on gender or origin was a concept of the previous century.

All this for the sole purpose of pushing on the side those who invested a lot of time over the years into ICANN and ALAC processes. If this is an added value to ICANN and ALAC, I do not know. Frankly, I am skeptic. Time will tell.

From now on, I will watch from the outside. So long, guys.

  1. Wendy, I would like to point out the fact that the ICANN staff did an examplary job in trying to keep the process progressing, despite the perseverance of some to try to bend the rules to fit their own agenda.

    In my opinion, the RALO model is fundamentally flawed in that it tries to bring together organizations with very different cultures, priorities and agendas.

    Additionally, the regions model in ICANN is artificial, leading to a tendency to create sub-regions within the RALO.

    In the end, all these strange bedfellows cannot live together. How can we make this better ? I do not have clear proposals yet. But indeed, the theorical RALO model does not work, once it is facing the day-to-day reality.

    Some considered the ALAC review was coming too early, due to the fact that RALOs had just been established. The latest events prove that the review is most welcome now, if we want to change the model before it is too late.

  2. My response Patrick’s last remark (which I first saw in Wendy’s blog).

  3. Hi Patrick
    I understand that you are disappointed in the process that the EURALO used to select the first members of the organisation. But given that you have been active for so long and are such a valuable member of the community, I hope that you can put aside the bitterness and disappointment that you feel and continue to make your valuable contributions to the AtLarge community in ICANN. Personally, I hope that you will continue to give me and the rest of the ALAC the benefit of your knowledge, intelligence and expertise.

  4. Wendy's Blog: Legal Tags - trackback on 21 May 2007 at 20:03

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