This web site now supports HTTP/2 – SPDY

http2I am happy to report that this web site now supports the new HTTP/2 protocol. HTTP/2 was standardised in RFC 7540. For the most tech savvy, they can turn to the Wikipedia entry that describes the protocol with more detail. Suffice to say that it aims at making web sites load faster.

However, there is one requirement that is still difficult to honour for individual, non-commercial sites like this one. HTTP/2 requires the connection between the web server and the browser to be encrypted. For this, one needs a SSL/TLS certificate, which can cost quite some money. Starting 16 November 2015, the Let’s Encrypt project will issue free SSL/TLS certificates, trusted by all browsers. This will be a serious boost for HTTP/2. This web site is part of the Let’s Encrypt Limited Beta, meaning it can already support HTTP/2.

http/2 screenshot

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