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My professional bio in a few words:

Patrick Vande Walle
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Current position

I am a civil servant of the European Commission since 1993. I held several positions within the European Commission. I am currently a project leader at the Directorate General for Informatics. Previously, I held positions within the European Union Publications Office and the Directorate-General Information Society in Luxembourg.

Previous Positions

My previous positions include the management of the IT infrastructure of the trading room of the Paribas Bank in Brussels, now part of Dexia. I had similar positions within the WordPerfect Corporation Brussels Office and Fnac.


I have done my share of volunteer work for and around the Internet over the past 12 years or so. I am now taking a rest, but you might hear me barking every once in a while, especially on Twitter.

Past activities include:

Personal Interests

I do not have much time left to spend on computer programming. However, I am pretty fluent in PHP, Perl and C. I have made some contributions to open source projects like KDE, SMA and Logwatch. Some of my hacks are available on this site.

Publications, Papers and Conferences (should be updated)