Mail2News script

I have decided to post the Perl script I use to gateway various mailing lists to a private Usenet server. The nice thing about Usenet it that it expires articles, which means you do not end up with Gigs of mail folders. Quite useful if you follow a lot of mailing lists.

There are several such scripts available on the Internet, but most of them were dated and designed at the time Usenet and E-mail were plain 7 bit ASCII. The enhancement here is that the script supports MIME formatted messages and will pass through information about character sets, attachements, etc.

This was designed for a site running INN version 2.x on a Linux CentOS 5.4 platform. Your mileage may vary of course. Please check the variables to adapt to your local configuration.

This script is based on prior work available on the Internet and from a script by Vivek Khera posted on CPAN.

The code is here. Although I do not intend to actively maintain this script, i will try to address  bug reports, fixes, enhancements, etc. you would send to me by e-mail.

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