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Belgacom’s BBOX2 wastes resources

Belgacom, we have (yet another ) problem with your BBox2 modem.

A background management daemon like TR-98  just cannot be allowed to use 96% CPU all the time, even when doing nothing. Please fix this, or fire your supplier. Read more »

Faille de sécurité dans 500.000 modems Belgacom ?

Les modems BBOX2 qu’utilisent une majorité de clients de Belgacom TV comportent des failles de sécurité importantes. Belgacom revendiquait 589.000 clients pour sa plate-forme TV l’été dernier. Une majorité d’entre eux utilise ce fameux modem. Une combinaison de facteurs ouvre la porte à des actes malveillants, pouvant être commis par des personnes sans connaissances informatiques particulières et pas seulement des ‘hackers’. Read more »

Belgacom’s BBox 2 is brain dead

In advance of a planned migration of my home Internet access to VDSL2, I received a Belgacom BBox2 modem.

VDLS2 is actually a choice I had to make because ADSL technology is not really able to deliver in my area, due to the distance between my home and the phone exchange. On the other hand, Belgacom has been installing these fiber cabinets in every block recently in the framework of their FTTC  project. Hence, a change of technology was needed for me if I wanted a faster Internet access.

The main issue with VDSL2 is the interoperability of equipment. The Broadband Forum is still working on this. As noted by the Belgian regulator IBPT in its latest consultation : “Interoperability between DSLAM and CPE is not guaranteed by an ITU standard and it may be more difficult to achieve due to the differentiation possibilities of the VDSL2 technology”.

Belgacom decided to purchase its VDSL2 equipment from Alcatel-Lucent. That equipment is using Ikanos Fusiv chips. Consequently, Belgacom delivers CPE devices based on the same chipset. There were few at the time  when Belgacom  chose its platform, so they went for a Sagem F@st 3464 modem, equipped with the Ikanos Fusiv Vx160 processor, which they repackaged (it’s ugly) and rebranded BBox2.

The Sagem box is not such a bad one, according to its specs. Unfortunately, Belgacom decided to design its own version of the firmware to adapt it to their commercial needs. Belgacom is agressively pursuing the triple play market. They wanted a modem that would be able to deliver two high definition TV streams at the same time it delivers Internet access.

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