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Dear Apple,

I am really fed up with your constant updates to iTunes and QuickTime. Will you ever get them right or are your programmers so clumsy you need to issue a fix every two weeks ? And do you really need me to download 75Mb just for one fix ? Do we really need to reboot each time after installing a QuickTime or iTunes  update ?
Please stop trying to behave like the folks in Redmond. It does not serve your image.


Traceroute on steroids

Over the years, the venerable traceroute command has become a less useful tool, due to the fact there may be  some devices like load balancers along the way from your computer to the other.

Enter Paris-Traceroute, which tries to be smarter. In addition, it can also do traceroutes in UDP and TCP, in addition to ICMP, which is often blocked by firewalls.

It has currently been tested and confirmed to run on Linux and NetBSD. I can confirm it also compiles and works on MacOSX, but needs to be run as root. For the Redhat and CentOS crowds out there, I am currently build a RPM.