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Google Analytics for WordPress – IPv6 version

Ahead of the World IPv6 dayAPNIC has launched an useful initiative to collect statistics regarding IPv6 connectivity. If you are interested in testing your clients’ IPv6 capabilities, you can use the APNIC Labs Google Analytics Tracking Code. This allows you to test your customers’ experiences connecting to your website via IPv4, IPv6, and dual-stack. Read more »

Showing future posts in WordPress RSS feeds

I have a web site which announces future events. In WordPress, you would adapt the publish date of the  post to suit the event’s start date. All is good on the web site itself. I use the c2c_get_upcoming_posts plugin to display them on the front page, but there are other ways.

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Hellotxt plugin update for WordPress

This morning, I fixed an annoyance in the Hellotxt plugin I use on this WordPress blog that would resend a notification to hellotxt.com every time one updates a post (to correct a typo for example).

I sent a tweet about this and, much to my surprise, I immediately received a series of direct messages on Twitter asking for the code. So here it is:  hellotxt.php.txt , as well as the diff to the original file: hellotxtpress.php.diff

There are actually four five changes:

  • Added configuration option for URL shortener, so you can use your favourite URL shortener service. It defaults to mine.
  • Added configuration option for post prefix. By default, it is “New Blog post: “
  • Replace WP smart quotes by plain ones.  This is to prevent that some microblogging sites print out the HTML entities value, instead of the quotes themselves. Copied straight from WP Laconica Tools.
  • Don’t resend a post that was already submitted.  The inspiration came from the WP Laconica Tools.
  • Added configuration option for Twitter hash tags

I will submit my changes to the plugin author, who may decide to incorporate them in a future release.